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  • Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain Workshop | Johnston clinic


    Tuesday, December 3rd at 6:00 pm


    (1) You’ve missed work because of your rotator cuff or shoulder pain.

    (2) You’ve lost sleep or couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep in.

    (3) You’ve missed out on family vacations or given up your hobbies like golf or tennis because you’re afraid of aggravating your shoulder.

    (4) You’ve found yourself worrying more about your shoulder pain than living your life.

    Here’s what some of our past patients have said about us:

    “Great experience! Bekah Wetter was wonderful. Very caring and spent time to ensure that I improved each week. Highly recommend her professionalism and skills.  I could not swim laps or raise my arm over my head when I first arrived to Johnston Physical Therapy. Bekah has me swimming now and able to exercise without pain. Thank you!”  -Jennifer B.

    “I came to Johnston Physical Therapy for a slight rotator cuff tear. They took care of that problem in a few weeks. “ -Beverly T.

    “Thank you Alyssa & Johnston Physical Therapy! I came in with a frozen shoulder. This made yoga, biking, and many everyday activities painful. You were able to explain what was going on, gave me easy-to-follow exercises to do at home, and were always gentle during treatments here. It only took a couple of weeks to get back my range of motion and decrease the pain to nearly zero!” -Mary F.

    Date: 12 / 03 / 2019
    Time: 6:00 PM
    Address: 5627 NW 86th St, Suite 200 Johnston, IA 50131