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  • Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain Workshop | Ankeny clinic

    Saturday, March 7th at 10:00 am

    Do you suffer from shoulder pain? 

    We invite you to our Free Shoulder Pain & Rotator Cuff Workshop to learn:

    • what mistakes you’re making which actually can stop you from healing,
    • what the 3 most common causes of shoulder pain are, and
    • what successful treatment and permanent relief looks like using physical therapy without medications, injections, or surgery.   

    We want you to get back to what you enjoy doing! 

    Come to our free no obligation workshop!  Click the Register button above or call 515-964-8885 today. We will have coffee & donuts and ready for your questions.

    4 Signs that it’s time to take action:

    (1) You are missing work because of your rotator cuff or shoulder pain.

    (2) You’re losing sleep or can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in.

    (3) You’re missing out on family vacations or giving up your hobbies like golf or tennis because you’re afraid of aggravating your shoulder.

    (4) You’re worrying more about your shoulder pain than living your life.

    Here’s what some of our past patients have said about us:

    “I had some pain (an impingement) in my shoulder last year and my doctor sent me to PT. Grant was assigned to me and worked with me for over a month, as I was anticipating the arrival of a grandchild that I NEEDED to hold. And I was able.  So, this year the same arm, though not the shoulder, caused me some real pain, especially when I took my walks. With 2 weeks left before I was to go on an 18 day hiking trip with my husband, it dawned on me I’d better get help! Again, the doctor sent me to Grant, with only a week left before leaving. 3 visits…. And believe it or not, the pain subsided. 5 new (not difficult) exercises and a needle treatment and I can honestly say I was pain-free on every hike.”  -Margey L.

    “I dreaded that 1st appointment but Grant did make me feel relaxed and explained everything we would be doing. His one on one treatments were by far anything I had experienced previously. I am happy to say after only 3 months I can move my arm farther than I could in the last 2 years. I graduated. ”

    -Bobbi D.



    “I had shoulder surgery for torn rotator cuff, biceps, labrum and had calcification removed. I had a hard time doing any lifting or reaching, the tears also affected my strength. Recovery before therapy was six weeks. I had to use a shoulder strap, with a brace. Sleeping for six weeks in recliner and no driving! Upon doctor approval, I started therapy with Johnston Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.  Grant Jacobson was my therapist. He was very patient and caring. Grant always had an in depth plan. He was very sure to help me understand how to exercise and what to do at home. I had every confidence in Grant. After eleven weeks of therapy and strength training, I am continuing my workouts at home. My shoulder is recovered quite well and I have full range of motion and improved strength. Johnston Physical Therapy is an exceptional place for therapy and staffed by super people. Always a smile and a caring attitude from everyone.” -Dixie R.

    “Before PT, I had rotator cuff issues that prevented me from doing my activities at all. Now I am able to play softball like I was before my issues started. I haven’t had any issues since!”  -Erin A.

    “I met Grant and he listened to my concerns about recovering from my double partial knee replacements. I felt at ease with him and he challenged me to do what I could and more. When the exercises were not helping me he gave me new ones to try. He helped me to have confidence to not use the walker all the time and I believe that sped up my recovery.  Thank you Grant for getting me back on my feet and showing interest in my recovery.”  -Faith C.






    Date: 03 / 07 / 2020
    Time: 10:00 AM
    Address: 1810 SW White Birch Circle, St. 107 Ankeny, IA 50023