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  • Neck Pain Workshop | Johnston clinic | Saturday, Nov 2 at 10 am

    Free Neck Pain Workshop on Saturday, November 2nd at 10 am (click the REGISTER button to register for the workshop)


    • You are not able to sit up straight in a chair at work or school
    • Your are not able to do everyday tasks around the house.
    • You are losing sleep due to pain and discomfort
    • You have discomfort and pain when remaining in the same position for too long
    • You have frequent headaches

    If you’ve been dealing with neck pain and want to see how physical therapy can help reduce the symptoms, REGISTER for this workshop.

    Here’s what some of our past patients have said about us:

    I want to thank Johnston PT for the great care received while being treated here. When I came in the doors, I could barely move my neck, back, and shoulder blade. I was in horrible pain. Now today as I walk out of JPT I feel great! -Sharon W.

    I had gotten into a car accident, I was not able to move my neck much and I also had terrible upper back pain. Working with Dave, I was able to regain movement within my neck again. He was very patient and gave me exercises that I could take home and do as well. Within two weeks I could move my neck again and was able to strengthen my muscles in my neck and back as well. He really helped me and pushed me to get healthy. I would definitely work with Dave again! -Kim M.

    After having lumbar spinal surgery in the summer of 2018, I was very stiff and had a limited range of motion. Daily tasks such as sitting, cleaning, and driving were difficult and painful. After coming to JPT and working with Bekah for 4 months, I am able to work fulltime, go for long walks, and complete daily tasks as normal. My experience here has been nothing short of fantastic! Every single person I worked with was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. -Amy S.

    I was having horrible shoulder & neck pain which is why I started PT. My pain was constant no matter what I was doing, but it was also beginning to affect my running.
    At my first appointment many tests were done to find out what the issue was that was causing my pain. From there I was given exercises to work on daily to get my nerves in my neck to glide properly. Over the course of my PT I learned a lot about my body, including that I needed to build upper body strength. I than began strength training along with my regular PT exercises and began to see greater results with my pain decreasing. I am now able to run pain free, and don’t have any of the pain at all. I know how to keep moving forward to stay pain free, and am also proud of the upper body strength I have built.
    The people at Johnston Physical Therapy are some of the nicest, professional, and encouraging people in the field that I have met. Without the encouragement to begin building muscle, I may have been on a path to be back for more PT later in the year with my half marathon training, but now I know I can’t just run, I need to strength train to remain injury free. I plan to refer people who are needing physical therapy to JPT for all that they can do. -Stephanie B.

    You can also check out our website to learn more about neck pain.

    Date: 11 / 02 / 2019
    Time: 10:00 AM
    Address: 5627 NW 86th St, Suite 200 Johnston, IA 50131