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  • Neck Pain Workshop | Ankeny clinic | Tuesday, Nov 12 at 6 PM

    Free Neck Pain Workshop on Tuesday, November 12th at 6 pm (click the REGISTER button to register for the workshop)


    • You are not able to sit up straight in a chair at work or school
    • Your are not able to do everyday tasks around the house.
    • You are losing sleep due to pain and discomfort
    • You have discomfort and pain when remaining in the same position for too long
    • You have frequent headaches

    If you’ve been dealing with neck pain and want to see how physical therapy can help reduce the symptoms, REGISTER for this workshop.


    Here’s what some of our past patients have said about us:

    I had shoulder surgery for torn rotator cuff, biceps, labrum and had calcification removed. I had a hard time doing any lifting or reaching, the tears also affected my strength. Recovery before therapy was six weeks. I had to use a shoulder strap, with a brace. Sleeping for six weeks in recliner and no driving! Upon doctor approval I started therapy with Johnston Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Grant Jacobson was my therapist. He was very patient and caring. Grant always had an in depth plan. He was very sure to help me understand how to exercise and what to do at home. I had every confidence in Grant. After eleven weeks of therapy and strength training, I am continuing my work outs at home. My shoulder is recovered quite well and I have full range of motion and improved strength. Johnston Physical Therapy is an exceptional place for therapy and staffed by super people. Always a smile and a caring attitude from everyone.
    ~Dixie R.

    My experience has always been excellent. This is my second time using this facility and I would use it again. The staff is so understanding and helpful. My therapists have been not only generous with their time and expertise, but kindly pushing me when I needed it. Grant has always been there when I was afraid to try something new. He has me always moving forward not only moving forward, but realizing I can do more. The confidence I have gained is immeasurable. It is hard not to acknowledge everyone on the staff- they are great! Thank you all for your kindness and knowledge.
    ~Jeanne W.

    My PT story has been ongoing since July of 2015. Had shoulder scraped in 12/15 & started PT in January 2016. The PT I had was a group (3) from a licensed PT that didn’t help at all. Had shoulder replacement in 12/16 and told my Doc I was pretty skeptical about more P.T. I had 3 friends who told me that Johnston Physical Therapy was the best. One of my friends came from St. Charles to do his therapy weekly. Figured I would try it. I dreaded that 1st appointment but Grant did make me feel relaxed and explained everything we would be doing. His one on one treatments was by far anything I had experienced previously. I am happy to say after only 3 months I can move my arm farther than I could in the last 2 years. I graduated. From the time you walk in the front door they make you fell like part of their family. The front desk help is amazing! I cannot say enough great things about Johnston Physical therapy-they are my “new best friends”. Thanks Grant-you’re the best!
    ~Bobbi D.

    I recently had full hip replacement surgery. My physician recommended to see a PT for strengthening before the surgery and then rehabilitation immediately after. A co-worker of mine recommended Johnston Therapy so I set up an appointment and was teamed up with Grant Jacobson. Grant made me feel comfortable on the first appointment. He is a tremendous listener. After I visited with him about my history, present pain, etc. he walked through the different exercises focusing on the areas that I needed. After my surgery, I was in a lot of pain and had limited mobility so I became “down” about how things were going. By establishing a detailed rehabilitation program, Grant gave me the motivation and helped me focus on the long-term goals versus the present. Each exercise was explained in detail and notes were given so I could continue to work on things at home. Things are progressing nicely and with the help of Grant, each day I feel stronger.
    I highly recommend Grant and the great staff at Johnston Therapy for your physical therapy needs.
    ~Michael W.

    I had some pain (an impingement) in my shoulder last year and my doctor sent me to PT. Grant was assigned to me and worked with me for over a month, as I was anticipating the arrival of a grandchild that I NEEDED to hold. And I was able. So, this year the same arm, though not the shoulder, caused me some real pain, especially when I took my walks. With 2 weeks left before I was to go on an 18 day hiking trip with my husband, it dawned on me I’d better get help! Again, the doctor sent me to Grant, with only a week left before leaving. 3 visits…. And believe it or not, the pain subsided. 5 new (not difficult) exercises and a needle treatment and I can honestly say I was pain-free on every hike.
    ~Margey L.

    You can also check out our website to learn more about neck pain.

    Date: 11 / 12 / 2019
    Time: 6:00 PM
    Address: 1810 SW White Birch Circle, St. 107 Ankeny, IA 50023