We believe physical therapy is an active process, treating pain through movement. Our method has been highly successful over the years. Our therapists start with an in-depth analysis to determine the source of your pain and limitations.  From there, therapists develop an individualized plan of care to relieve the pain and determine ways to prevent future injuries from occurring.


Everyone wants to move: be active, run hard, compete, or live life without pain. Our patients of all ages come from many different sports and activities but share a common goal; they want to get back to what they were doing. Our goal is to optimize your outcome. We want to improve the patient experience by guiding each individual through proper rehabilitation techniques to improve movement, increase strength, reduce pain, and restore function.


Our approach is based on an understanding of body mechanics and the way all body systems are integrated.  This is a practice developed from academic backgrounds of biochemistry, biomechanics and anatomy. This style leads to customized exercise programs that are tailored to each individual.  With this functional approach, we assist our clients to thrive- to rapidly achieve rehab goals and get back to living.

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