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  • Finding Natural Relief for Your Aches and Pains

    Finding Natural Relief for Your Aches and Pains

    October 20th, 2020

    Say Goodbye to Your Persistent Aches and Pains with Physical Therapy! Any pain that lasts longer than three months is classified as “chronic.” When people suffer with chronic pain for a long period of time, it can become a downward spiral. They become more inactive and sedentary as a result of the pain, and then

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    Don't Turn to Opioids

    Don’t Turn to Opioids – Physical Therapy Can Help Treat Your Pain

    September 10th, 2020

    Find Natural Relief for Your Pains With our Physical Therapists! You have so many things you want or need to do today – but they’ll have to wait until you take your pills. Prescription opioids are powerful medications that can deaden the pain for hours at a time. Unfortunately, they can also cause profound new

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    Right Nutrition Plan

    Feel Great with the Right Nutrition Plan For You

    August 20th, 2020

    In your everyday struggle against pain and inflammation, do you reach for a pill bottle, or do you seek healthy lifestyle changes? The latter choice will do more for you in terms of long-term function, mobility and safety. But what kinds of lifestyle changes should you pursue? In addition to regular exercise, including the types

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