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    We know movement, we know fitness, and we know recovery and health. We know how to make you a faster, stronger and a better athlete. We know how to put a program together that’s safe and effective, and will provide you with expert coaching to reach your goals whether it is preparing for your next race, competition, adventure with your kids or simply getting into better shape.

    Why is personal training at Johnston Physical Therapy & Elevate Physical Therapy different?

    We offer a unique, private, judgement-free setting where we get to know you and how you move, so you can safely and effectively work toward improving your health and wellness.  Our professionals of certified personal trainers and physical therapists  have a wide variety of expertise that allows us to help clients from all walks of life.  Whether you have an old injury that has held you back from exercise, a medical condition that causes you apprehension about making changes to your health or you’re an athlete looking to gain an edge over your competition – whatever your concern, Johnston Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is the place to help get you going again.  All of our professionals work hand in hand, consulting on your progress and are available to address your individual needs along the way.

    Benefits of a Personal Trainer

    We all know that we should exercise, so why hire a professional to assist you along the way? Here are some great benefits of hiring a personal trainer.

    • Instruction: A professional trainer teaches the proper way to perform each exercise movement in your routine to make you more efficient and stay pain free.  He demonstrates the movement, coaches you through it, and corrects any issues with your posture or technique. Learning how to perform exercises properly reduces your risk of injury and increases the movement’s efficacy. When you can perform a move the right way, it increases the likelihood that you’ll do it on your own at home or at the gym after your training sessions.
    • Motivation and Accountability: Sometimes motivation can waiver when you workout alone.  Training at Johnston Physical Therapy, you will never be alone. You will have a trainer with you every step of the way. They will keep you accountable to your goals and your program.
    • Variety: Training at Elevate Physical Therapy you will never feel like your workouts become complacent.  The trainers use a wide array of programming and coaching methods to ensure that you are always getting the most out of your workouts.  The programs at both clinics are always progressive and scalable.  This will prevent plateaus and will always keep you making progress in your program.
    • Efficiency: With the experienced trainers at Johnston Physical Therapy you will always get the most out of the time you put in.  The trainers will keep you on track during your workouts and will keep you progressing towards your goals.

    Where do I start?

    You are ready to do this but are not sure where to begin.  We have two trainers in our office, Jon and Sharice.  You can get to know them a little better by clicking on their names.

    Next, schedule a free consultation.  You can meet with one of our trainers, get more details on what we offer, ask questions, and discuss how you could work together to achieve your personal goals.

    Call our office 515-270-0303 or send us an email, office@johnstonpt.com, about a FREE consultation!

    Schedule a free consult

    Our Process

    Step 1 – Initial Fitness Evaluation:  Our certified personal trainers will listen to your goals and preferences to understand you more.  They will also take you through several movement assessments to evaluate your current fitness level to help create a plan for your workouts.  These assessments include movements that test balance, flexibility, strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, static and dynamic posture.

    Step 2 – Personal Training:  Our certified personal trainers will work one on one with you to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.  They will design workouts tailored to you and keep you on an appropriate progression.

    Take advantage of a personal training program catered to you, designed to improve your health by reducing imbalances in the body, and based on functional strength training and corrective exercise.  Johnston Physical Therapy & Elevate Physical Therapy’s personal training programs allow us to identify, correct, and prevent musculoskeletal imbalances before they produce pain and injury while maximizing your performance gains.

    We offer several different training options to better serve your needs. Contact Johnston Physical Therapy or Elevate Physical Therapy to learn more.