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    Parkinson’s Disease

    Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive disease that affects the central nervous system and the ability to coordinate movement in the body. Since Parkinson’s Disease affects many areas of the brain, symptoms can vary in individuals and progression can be either mild, moderate or aggressive.

    Parkinson’s Disease typically affects one’s ability to walk as they demonstrate slower movements (bradykinesia) and difficulty with initiating or stopping movements. In addition, movements tend to become slower along with tremors that typically occur in the hands. Muscles can become rigid, leading to loss of motion, strength and poor posture. A dangerous symptom is called retropulsion, where the tendency of an individual is to fall backwards with little to no ability to protect oneself. Speech can also be affected with Parkinson’s Disease becoming slurred and slow due to poor activation of the mouth, tongue and throat muscles.

    Physical therapy has been shown to help those with chronic conditions like Parkinson’s disease. Sessions will focus on improving mobility, coordination, and strength. In conjunction with Physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy are very beneficial to address all impairments and improve or maintain current function.

    The field of neurological therapy and physical therapy work together today. It gives patients who suffer from a neurological condition the best of both worlds. Do you suffer from a neurological condition? Is this condition impacting your lifestyle? If so, be sure to contact Johnston Physical Therapy in Johnston, Des Moines or contact Elevate Physical Therapy in Ankeny, IA today for a one-on-one consultation and comprehensive assessment. Our skilled and knowledgeable physical therapists can help you manage the symptoms of your neurological condition. Each patient has unique needs, and our physical therapists will provide you with an individualized treatment plan for success.