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  • Sharice Lindeland, Personal Trainer / Physical Therapy Tech


    I am a native Iowan – grew up in the small town of Nashua. I competed in various sports including volleyball and track. After graduating high school, I attended Iowa State University and earned my bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and health and a minor in psychology. While taking classes, I also worked for ISU Recreation Services as a student supervisor and personal trainer for three years. I obtained my certification as an Americal Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer and have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from ages 21-70 all with different needs, goals, and abilities. I have applied to doctorate of physical therapy programs (and hope to get into one for the upcoming academic year). I believe physical therapy and personal training go hand in hand, as both are great resources to help an individual get back to doing activities they enjoy doing. Physical therapist work to rehabilitate and prevent future issues from arising – but what do you do once your therapy is complete? Personal training takes that next step into further progressing your therapy exercises and programming for more specific health and wellness related goals. 

    During my time at ISU, I was able to further develop my interest in weight lifting and even participated in a powerlifting meet, placing second in the women’s class. I also actively participated in volleyball related intramural sports – regular court volleyball, sand volleyball, and water volleyball (back to back league champions through the city of Ames summer sand volleyball league!) 


    • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health, Iowa State University
    • Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Functional Training Specialist